From a Republic/Democracy to an Oligarchy – Where America is Headed

A common misconception of America is that we are a true democracy. This is false. The United States is a Republic by Democratic means. What this means is that we use a democratic system to elect officials, who decide on public matters among themselves. A genuine democracy is where everyone votes on every issue at hand.

We are already in a bad enough state with the top one tenth of 1% having as much wealth as the bottom 90%. Though President Trump along the campaign trail promised to bring back the middle class, from my sense, it does not look like he will help the middle class out and rather hurt it. He has appointed a cabinet worth over 9 billion dollars, which is worth more than one-third of all of the American households combined. Trump himself is by far the wealthiest president ever, creating the richest executive branch in the history of America.

On top of all of this, the median household income has decreased by about $5,000 since 1999. Also, it is completely absurd when one family owns more wealth than the bottom 130 million Americans. I could go on and on spewing out facts like how the 99% of new income goes to the top 1%, but I won’t bore you.

What I will say is that all of these facts will lead to one end. Oligarchy. It’s scary but true. An oligarchal form of government is one in which a small group of powerful and wealthy leaders controls a country. Though this is extremely unlikely to happen, Trump and his administration are the closest we have ever seen to becoming an oligarchy.

If you look back at history, the Roman Republic fell mainly because of the decline of the small farmer. The small farmer in ancient times is equivalent to the middle class in America. The ruling class did not realize that the republic depended on these farmers, except for the Gracchi brothers. They predicted that because of the collapse of this “middle class,” there would be dire consequences. As the brothers pointed out, the republic would fail without the small farmer, and sure enough not long after they were killed (because of this political stance), the republic turned into an empire.

The United States of America is looking eerily similar to the Roman Republic, which failed, and without change, there could be disastrous outcomes. The most obvious problem in America today is the further separation wealth gap and the depletion of the middle class. We need an economy that works for all and not just the top 1%.


3 thoughts on “From a Republic/Democracy to an Oligarchy – Where America is Headed

  1. It’s not just America, it’s the world. Plutocracy, The Oligarchy, aka the 1%. Jimmy Carter, Jesse Ventura, and Bernie Sanders are right. It is not OUR world while others own it and run it. Learn what you need to know.

    They have had control of our world for thousands of years! They created a Heaven on Earth for themselves, at our expense! Please read and learn about them, and share this information with others. Education is key. Thank you.

    The True Context Of Ancient History & The Gordian Emperors

    Ancient Alias Names List (2017)

    All Roman Emperors From Antoninus Pius On Were Descended From Piso Family Of Rome

    Oligarchy And Ancient Genealogies

    The Roman Piso Papers


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