Fighting for Women’s Rights

On January 21st, a day after Donald Trump was inaugurated president of the United States, all around the world millions of people came together to march for women’s rights. The numbers at these protests are just estimates, but we know that about 4 million people participated in the US and more than 50 other countries had marches themselves.

Despite being called the “Women’s March,” people advocated for much more than that. The themes of the protests included: women’s rights, lgbt+ rights, health care, ending violence, environmental justice, civil rights, reproductive rights, and much more.

Women’s and minority rights have become a (for lack of a better word) huge concern in America. The image below shows the radical difference in earnings between white males and women.


It is very sad to say, but living in the so-called “free world” does not mean equal employment rights and opportunities.

On under women’s rights, it says “When it comes to the rights of women, we cannot go backwards. We have got to go forward.” This is put perfectly. We need more and more people to stand up and fight in this time of desperation. President Trump cannot deny the power of the people for long.

Finally, what can we do?

  1. Use our bodies. We must demonstrate our beliefs by going to marches, protests, and rallies.
  2. Make our voices heard. We must call our senators and demand equal rights for everybody as well as environmental justice.
  3. Stand together. In this time of great division, America must be one with each other and not make biased assumptions based on appearances.
  4. State fact not insult. Though Trump was able to insult his way to the White House, in order to dismantle his disastrous plans, we must have constructive conversations with one another, using facts no matter how tempting it may be to disparage the other.

All in all, change is needed in America, but the only way this can occur is by us. Don’t be watchers, be doers. We can make a difference.


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