The Future of the Democratic Party – Tom Perez and Keith Ellison

Yesterday in Atlanta, Tom Perez defeated Keith Ellison for DNC Chair in the second ballot. In Perez’s victory speech, he immediately motioned for Ellison to be appointed as Deputy Chair, showing that he deeply cares about the unity of the party. This is probably because of the increasing threats of Bernie supporters to abandon the Democratic party on top of both being long-time friends.

I am bitterly disappointed with the result, but Tom Perez does hold progressive values, and he knows he needs the Sanders constituents to take down the Trump administration. According to FiveThirtyEight’s ideological ratings, the average Democrat House Member scored a -40 (“-100 is most liberal; +100 is most conservative”). Ellison is 90% more liberal than other fellow democratic house members at -57, while Perez is just 5 points more progressive than the mean with a score of -45. Though there is a large difference in beliefs, I am happy to see Tom Perez is not completely apart of the establishment despite being Obama’s former Labor Secretary.

These next couple of months and years are crucial for the future of the Democratic party, and without Perez’s support of progressive values and a strong opposition toward Trump, the party could be headed to further disarray. We must make sure that the new DNC Chair holds his words by rebuilding through grassroots and reinstating a ban on lobbyist money. If the Democrats want to return to winning ways, progressive values must be instituted.


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